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Digital transform the administrative, financial, operations etc. Link all the departments to each other through ERP, to facilitate monitoring your organization remotely real-time, through your PC, tablet etc. Which will make you able to discover, solve business issues immediately, and it will improve your organization management on the long run.
Patient Repository:
 Save information for every patient. With ERP's integrated system, all data will be accessible to everyone in one place.
Healthcare Practitioners:
 Link each practitioner to their appropriate access permissions, and also link each person to their employee documents.
Practitioner Schedule:
 Configure the availability of healthcare practitioners, and set each person's days and timings.
Patient Appointments:
 With complete visibility of every practitioner's schedule, there's no chance of double-booking appointment slots etc.
Document Storage:
 Using ERP's file attachments to store multimedia documents of any format from text, PDFs, and reports to images or videos.
Patient History:
 View any patient's historical records - primary details, allergies, past medications, patient interactions with doctors etc.
 Email your patients or their guardians about their appointments etc. Replies will be automatically fetched into the email thread in ERP, which keeps all correspondence in the same place.
Patient Encounters:
 Record every encounter with patients. All patient-related details will be automatically populated, along with the latest vital signs, patient records, and other important information.
 Record all observations and assessments of all patient consultations through prescriptions, and more.
Clinical Procedures:
 ERP lets you preconfigure Clinical Procedure Templates so you don't have to set default properties like consumables every time you order a procedure etc.
Medicines and Equipment:
 ERP features integrated inventory for a real-time view of product availability, stock levels in your warehouses, stock transfers, and more.
Billing and Pricing:
 Invoice your patients and chase receivable payments with payment requests and email/SMS notifications, and more
Automated Stock Replenishment:
 Track an item's reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, ERP will automatically create a material request.
Management System:
 Link the healthcare system with the management systems (financial, HR, selling, buying etc.).
Multinational Healthcare Software:
 The ability to view the system with any preferred language
Why Us?
  Digital transform all your Healthcare Organization processes (HIS).
  Monitor your business progresses and manage it remotely.
  Link all the different systems and processes within the Healthcare facility.
  The minimal cost for infrastructure.
  Cloud Computing.